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v.1, n. 2, Out. 2021/Mar. 2022


The research group Information in Science, Technology and Innovation in Health - GPICTIS of IBICT is pleased to publish the second issue of the first volume of its journal Asklepion - Informação em Saúde. At the same time, we announce that we have ISSN registration, that the published articles are receiving DOI and that we have started the process of indexing in online databases.

The consolidation of a journal focused on health information, which is strongly interdisciplinary, is important to aggregate researchers, professors and students. We want to be a space for sharing studies and research in Information Science, Collective Health and Health Informatics, among others.

The statement of the Asklepion journal is especially relevant in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The viral pandemic has brought forth a pandemic of information and controversies about its validity. The ubiquity of the Internet has amplified and echoed the questions surrounding sincerity, truthfulness, and honesty in communication processes.

The conflicts and tensions over measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, such as social isolation, distance between people, and wearing masks, are exemplary. Fraudulent news about vaccines and vaccination have increased the degree of lies and dishonesty in the information. Doubts about efficacy, side effects, and relation to the spread of other diseases are some topics of this informational war.

In this war, science has a place and a side. It is the guardian of the tried and observed scientific evidence.  This is the side that Asklepion is on, seeking to disseminate and give visibility to studies and research. We understand that information in health is fundamental to effective health work, to the efficient organization of processes and means, and to the construction of public policies and the promotion of social welfare.

Enjoy your reading!

Rio de Janeiro, October 25, 2021


Clovis Ricardo Montenegro de Lima

Jorge Calmon Biolchini